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Rejection – A Game of Choosing Heaven or Hell

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Rejection – A Game of Choosing Heaven or Hell

“I love you so much with all my heart! Without you everything is dark empty; and look you’re blue!” – argue the guy standing with a red rose with a girl just behind an ordinary wall of street.

“I love you too but how do you know the sky is blue? Our path is different! That’s what our fate says! Goodbye!” “Don’t say like that! Don’t leave me alone!”

“May you always be blessed!” – The girl sobbed & left silently leaving the red rose behind. The guy with the heavy heart then walked to the interview, he was calling for with some penny in his pocket; the only hope for his survival! And they said, “Thank you”, politely!

And suddenly all the sky get apart and it starts to rain as the sacred drop of tear came out from his left eye! It was a moment of suffering; suffocation creeps him out. As days passes his isolation made him a ghost who starts to scared sunlight. He stopped eating & appeared like a zombie. Starts to cut himself eventually; He used to cut his own hand, own veins, scratch his legs & tear his own hair! He starts to rotten by rewinding the same play of “rejection” again & again!

Suddenly a beast came out from his isolation and unlocked himself. Went to the girl he used to love more than himself and kidnapped her. Then isolate her as he used to isolate himself for months & suddenly she died! Yes, you’re right he killed her & let the body got rotten in the home where he used to live!

Suddenly the neighbor aunty sensed something suspicious and informed police. The police came with its forces & caught him. Since then he was silent all the way till he hanged to death! Game over!

He waked up with sweaty shirt! What’s happening! Is that a dream! Strangely real seeming! Oh its a dream! Waters his mouth and starts medicating for five minutes. He moved up and started mind chattering while walking in his own path alone. Analyzing about his life and a drop of tear came up wishing for the best for his loved one texting her for last, “If we ever stopped talking send me a song atleast; be blessed & happy always”.

There’s a good lesson to learn in life “the beauty lies when you’re free, flexible & let go of rejection.” Walking his way with his guitar & catch up a train to go nowhere and was thinking about everything with a heavy heart. Start singing the songs he wrote for his loved one; creating dreams in heart of the local train with joy, love & magic. Suddenly a stranger came his way and asked him to record all his soulful songs in his music industry. This is a universal calling of opening another door! He realizes it and was ready to “divenire” his weakness into power. He created his identity with the light of his awakening soul and opens his mind to reach unlimited life lessons – the wisdom! Eventually he becomes famous worldwide with boundless windows of possibilities along with the unstoppable extraordinary soul! That’s the win win, the game changer! That’s the beauty of life! Isn’t it?

It’s a story of common reality- the rejection and the secret password to win the game is –
“If its failed, let it be
If its ignored, let it be
If its rejected, let it be
Because there’s another door is open with its freeing window!”

Yes, the rejection, frees you! Gives you to grow wings! Yes, you heard it correct! It frees you from the burden you attached to; could be the burden of gaining a material; a burden for achieving success & wealth; or a longing for a person to be in love. It frees you from being “needy” of unlimited expectations.

First we need to understand “Rejection” is a natural phenomenon of life. Whether it is relationship, entrepreneurship, job, friendship, socialization – every aspect has possibilities of not being accepted. We all wants to be loved & being accepted but often we are shattered, stumbled and struggled with the fear & anxiety of being ignored & rejected.

Now let’s see, what neuroscientists & psychologists stated – “Rejection mimics physical pain”. That’s sounds terrible; isn’t it? Whether it’s a physical injury or rejection; the reaction for both cases a natural chemical “opioid” is released to the brain to combat the pain associated with those events. However our brain system is such as we forget the pain associated with the any kind of major physical injury; but the pain associated with rejection is unforgettable and causes prolonged trauma which also leads to IQ losses by 25% & drop in reasoning by 30% (Research from Case Western Reserve University). It was also determined that feelings of rejection led participants to become more aggressive and exhibit less self-control. This fire of aggression can create many criminals like murderer, rapist and acid attacker. It also causes destructive behavioral changes like to become suicidal & drug addicts and many more.

The emotional reaction associated with rejection is fear, trauma, stress & aggression which trigger to evolve the beast within us. So if you think consciously that, these invisible emotional reactions are just mental blocks; then you will be capable of finding the key to free yourself. Because remember when “One door is closed other doors are open”. The enormous experience you gather from certain rejection is your precious lessons of life & that is your key to open the mental block; it will leads you feel free like a bird.

If you keep going constantly with caution and learning from your previous failures will gift you the miracle path of success. And if you don’t even try to find the key will drawn you deep down in the ocean towards the vicious cycle of trauma, mental illness, struck in the same situation and also to criminal activities on extreme levels.

Life is a miracle, a gift; it surprises us with the uncertain notion of pains which are darker than blackest black; but if you see closely & wisely, you will see the multifaceted angles of pain; you will find pains are the universal law – the sacred & divine fuel that create the path of ultimate state of mind – the heaven.

No pain, no gain, simple! So after a rejection happens to you, choice is in your hand –

“Do you want to search the key to become successful & or happy – the ultimate heaven or whether you want to struck in mental blocks to only survive in your own prison – the hellfire?”

Nabila Rahman
BS Environmental Science (NSU), PGDMS (UK)

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